Citrus College and a costly proposition

A few months ago, after allegations that the board skirted the Ralph M. Brown Act, which governs how public entities conduct their business, before voting on a raise for the school’s president, Aguirre demanded that the board repeal the raise and start following state open meeting laws. I called Aviles, a Citrus College graduate, this […]

West Covina and the art of ignoring the obvious

As Groucho Marx once said, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” I was reminded of the line after reading that West Covina approved a rolling, 25-year deal with Athens Services for trash collection. Despite better deals and unexplored options, West Covina decided to move forward. Careful stewards of taxpayer deals, […]

Marijuana, elections and unintended consequences

“Your vote for a bong hit” is the kind of election slogan I could have supported years ago, and it might become one now as California’s decision to legalize marijuana spins out of control. The unintended consequences of Californians approving marijuana’s use for medicinal reasons is that anyone, anywhere can buy marijuana. Local governments spend […]