Let’s not forget the mentally ill

A “crazy” aunt who everyone jokes about at family gatherings. A cousin who believes the government is stalking her or a teenage friend, whose world is so dark that he kills himself in his parent’s garage. Mental illness, no matter the severity, has touched most of us in one way or another. In my family, […]

Pasadena firefighters and superheroes

Taking my cue from the public information office of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, I’m announcing in a press release that I saved ten hikers, two lost puppies and a cute cat in Eaton Canyon Saturday – all before I had breakfast. Before those sleepy Pasadena firefighters started flipping their morning pancakes, I had […]

Citrus College and a costly proposition

A few months ago, after allegations that the board skirted the Ralph M. Brown Act, which governs how public entities conduct their business, before voting on a raise for the school’s president, Aguirre demanded that the board repeal the raise and start following state open meeting laws. I called Aviles, a Citrus College graduate, this […]