New York City born and peripatetic since, I’m a former reporter and editor. My work has been published in the New York Daily News, Los Angeles Daily News, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, the San Bernardino Sun, the Pasadena Star-News and the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. I write a weekly column for the San Gabriel Valley Newspaper Group, which covers the greater Los Angeles area. I’m interested in healthcare, open government, disaster preparedness and end of life care. Opinions here are my own.

You can email me at edward [dot] barrera66 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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  1. Just read your Pasadena Star News essay about your decision to attend law school. Good luck with that. You’ll need it and thensome to pay off a six-figure debt and to endure the travails of law school. Don’t give up your day job. More due diligence would be good, given your fancifully romanticized notion of law as “combat” and what you optimistically envision as a fruitful practice niche. At least, read Paul Campos’ blog and a few of the online so-called ‘scambloggers. Best wishes whatever you do!

  2. Just read that your newest venture will be to return to school and become a lawyer. Dont know if getting prepared to go back to school or to PAY for school is what discourages most people? Forge ahead but dont stop writting.

  3. My name is Dave Jacobs and I was the General Manager of the Rose Bowl for about 18 years, I retired in 1999. Relevant to the current con-
    struction at the Bowl, I think both the Mayor and Mr Gordo who are both attorneys should remember that the funds involved are public funds and the public has a right to know. Further there are other issues that have deeper finacial impact that are not being made public. First the current status of press box sales and second the
    actual private contributions. The Mayor said in his state of the city
    that the contribution had reached $9million, howeve, he negelected to
    say that there was only3million actually in hand and the rest were non collectable promise. Since the Rose Bowl is currently operating at a $2
    Million anual deficit how are they going to pay the debt service on the

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