Unprepared for disasters the American Way

My brother peered out of his New York City apartment last week and gazed upon the East River 15 feet away from his doorstep. Unfortunately, the East River is usually more than a half mile away.

He and his family live on the first floor and at one point, were preparing to relocate to neighbors on the second floor as Hurricane Sandy slammed into New York. The water never came closer and eventually receded, but not before leaving devastation in its wake. People are still without power, the cost of repairing the damage could reach more than $50 billion and more than a 100 people are confirmed dead.

Despite an early warning of the impending storm, my brother was unprepared. He shrugged off the city’s warnings, saying that New Yorkers were becoming wimps, derided forecasters’ weather models and sounded blasé about the fact that there was a mandatory evacuation for property a block away from where he lived.

Lucky for him, the lack of preparedness didn’t cost him. Next time he might not be so lucky.

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